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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Updates & Things

Gelseigh mixing up salad at our new spot (note the delicious cupcakes on left, tasty sandwiches on the right, and a beautiful cilantro vinagrette front and center)

Welcome to 4local!

4local lunches will be on a brief hiatus this week, as some of us take off on spring break travels. But, all of us, whether we are staying in New York or traveling across the country, will continue to work hard on our plans to turn our guerilla lunch program into a full-blown cooperative cafe.

**If you are a member of the Columbia community, and are interested in getting involved, please e-mail us at cu4local@gmail.com. We are looking to grow our team as we focus on developing an implementation plan for our cafe vision.**

We will, however, return the first Monday after spring break, March 21st! Menu to be announced soon. We will continue operating on the SIPA 4th floor. It was amazing to see both new and old faces, to team up with CoreFoods! (they are now selling some of their organic, packaged foods alongside us), and to experience the sunny environment at SIPA, with real tables for you guys to sit at!

Please also e-mail us at cu4local@gmail.com with catering inquiries, cooking class requests, and any other inquiries. Spring is arriving- we can't wait for early spring veggies!!


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