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Saturday, January 29, 2011

31st January Menu

Hello beautiful people! Here's the menu for this coming monday:

(V) Indicates Vegan or Vegan Option

-Moroccan Tagine (V)
Chickpeas and Vegetables in a Spicy Sauce Served Over a Mixture of Quinoa & Millet

-Raw Carrot Salad (V)
Marinated with Harissa, Mint & Feta (feta is optional)

-Pear, Chocolate & Almond Tart
Or a Local Pear from Samascott Orchards

As usual, we'll be at Lerner Ramps, but we are going to be there half an hour early from now on. So you can grab your 4local fix from 12:00-1:30!

Remember, we take cash AND credit card so life is made much easier for you ;)

Email your questions over to cufourlocal@gmail.com, let us know if you have special requests or want to pre-order your meal!

Lots of vegetablove and see you all on Monday,

Gelseigh, Harry, Josh, Zak and Angie


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